The Angel in my Well - Front cover

The Angel in my Well

Published: 2015
Format: ebook

The sound continued: there most definitely was a sound, but despite craning my neck close to the pane of glass, there was nothing in view; just a stand-still silhouette of hostile trees that loomed like spectres…

Joe Bonnard is a 26-year-old photographer with a great circle of friends: he is still coming to terms with the death of his favourite grandmother, when a beautiful, celestial being gatecrashes his one-man pity party.

Imran Aziz has been afforded opportunities his parents could only have dreamed of: but he has gradually alienated himself from friends and family, incensed by Western antagonism of Muslims.

Each man is about to embark on his own life-changing date with destiny. Each wishes for a love that transcends life, itself.

The Angel in my Well weaves otherworldly fantasy with real-world danger: spiritual forces, and fate, can take a human being only so far…

The Angel in My Well is a short story in eBook only:

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Reviews for The Angel in My Well:

This bitter sweet story perfectly illustrates how love can endure even after death. Despite its dark underbelly the book catches your heart and fizzes with humour. Looking forward to more of the same.

― Jane Lebell

What an emotional roller coaster!
This is a descriptive mix of real-life issues and experiences combined with something extraordinary from the realms of the ethereal. The story has elements of humour and emotions that will make you both laugh and cry. It is a story that is short enough to read in one go, which is a good job as once you start reading, you will not want to put it down!

― Michelle Newbold

A Delightful Book
I was intrigued and delighted as Joe’s adventure unfolds and new characters are introduced in this compulsive read with its cleverly conceived and topical plot. Kevin Ansbro has a rare talent in observing the nuances of human nature, elements of which he weaves into this at times heart-warming and often thought-provoking story. Many subjects are sensitively touched upon as the different threads in the story are drawn out; I was left reflecting and pondering long after finishing the book. A rewarding read that I would warmly recommend.

― David Hope

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