The Fish That Climbed a Tree

Published: 7 Dec 2018

Format: ebook, Paperback


Following his savage murder in a London vicarage, Reverend Ulysses Drummond embarks on an epic odyssey in the afterlife, wrestling with his conscience and misguidedly spurning the obvious advantages of a free ticket to Paradise.

His ten-year-old son, Henry, is left to muddle through life, encountering school bullies, big-hearted benefactors and cold-blooded killers on his passage to adulthood.

Will Henry find love, success and happiness in his life – or will he suffer the cruel and agonising death that was foretold?

‘Funny, frightening and touching, this audacious combination of fantasy and real-world evil is a novel like no other. Make sure you don’t miss it.’

Karen Holmes, editor 2QT

Reviews for The Fish That Climbed a Tree:

Pregnant with want
This book is a whirlwind.
It picked me up and held me close.
I easily fell into the lives of the characters, hungry to know more.
I laughed and I cried reading this story.
I was often perched on the edge of my seat, shouting.
This story had me pregnant with want.

― Happimess

It comes as no surprise to me that Kevin Ansbro has successfully produced yet another captivating read.

― Indie Author

Takes you on a Rollercoaster of a journey
Kevin Ansbro is a truly amazing creative artist.
This book had me hooked and it didnt let me go for a second, the main character Henry is the type if hero you have little hope in him winning but you are cheering him on and whole way wanting him to succeed. The way all the characters are described and delivered throughout this tale is pure genius, woven together creating an outstanding , gripping, mesmerising story which had me laughing ,crying and intrigued right to the end at which point I had no choice but to purchase another of Kevin Ansbros books.

― S. Ackland

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