The Minotaur's Son FRONT COVER #JPEG

The Minotaur’s Son: & other wild tales

Published: 27 Sept 2019

Format: ebook, Paperback

“Once the evening’s entertainment was over the Minotaur, as naked as Nature intended, clumped into Pablo Zapata’s bar…”

A baby with a passion for theoretical physics…

A winged nymph who exacts terrible revenge…

A stolen coin that releases a wish-granting genie…

And where else would you see Ginger Rogers learning the Ali shuffle, or a humble fisherman making friends with Poseidon?

Charlatans and shapeshifters, lovers and leprechauns, ghosts and office creeps are just some of the characters that Kevin Ansbro brings to life in this volume of short stories. His tales span the globe and range from the wickedly funny to the sad and deeply unnerving. With his perceptive take on human failings, his vivid imagination and his glorious grasp of language, Ansbro’s thought-provoking stories will stay with you long after you turn the final page.


“Every time Kevin writes a new book I know I have a good reason to celebrate. Totally absorbing, hilariously funny and profoundly moving – this is an author you shouldn’t miss.

Reviews for The Minotaur’s Son & Other Wild Tales:

Five brilliantly shining stars!
As I closed the gorgeous cover of this book, I find that more exact words were never written. I have been swept away by mermaids, lost in a faraway world with a space-travelling cowboy and found myself in tears over a love that could not be. Kevin Ansbro has indeed taken me on a journey from Cornwall to Phuket and nearly every exciting place in-between. Reading The Minotaur’s Son & Other Wild Tales has been like peeping through the looking glass into worlds I could never have dreamed of. I feel like Alice in the Wonderland that Ansbro has created!

– Kimber

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